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volume rockerThere is no stop button on Windows Phone.  When you're listening to something on the phone (the FM radio, music, a podcast, etc) and you press the volume rocker on the side of the phone to bring up the audio controls, you can move the volume audio up and down, and you can tap the onscreen control icons to go back or fast forward within the file or tap the middle icon to pause or resume the play, but you can't actually turn the player off.  The only way to permanently stop something from playing or to turn the player off is by performing a power cycle on the phone (also known as rebooting the phone).

When I got my first windows phone, I didn't really see the need for a way to turn off the player..pausing music was fine with me! But the more I worked with the phone the more annoying it got not being able to stop and close music on the phone. 

I was glad to discover the Stop the Music! app in the marketplace.

Stop the Music! is an elegantly simple application. When you open the app up and select the settings icon on the lower edge of the screen you can toggle some settings on and off (see screenshot on the left below).  I really like the "Show in Music+Video hub history" option.

You can also select the tile that you'd like to see the phone start screen if you pin the application to the start screen (see screenshot on the right).



Stop the Music! is integrated into the Music+Video hub on the apps screen (see the 6th item under the apps heading in the left screenshot below).  If you turn the "Show in Music+Video hub history" option on, you'll also see a button in the history screen (see the 1st tile under the history heading in the right screenshot below)

StoptheMusicButtonMusicHub1 StoptheMusicButtonMusicHub2


When you tap the button or open the app from the programs menu, music will be stopped (if you've turned on the "automatically stop the music" option in the settings) and then when you press the volume rocker on the side of the phone, you'll only see the volume level and no forward, backward or pause/resume key.

StoptheMusic1 volume rocker2

Stop The Music! also follows good application development principles by providing an easy way to contact the developer directly from the app (see the left screenshot below) and by providing a fairly comprehensive revision history of the app (see the right screenshot below).

StoptheMusicAbout StoptheMusicButtonHistory

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